User Guide

Getting Started


pip install rundeckrun

“Hello World!”

from rundeck.client import Rundeck
rd = Rundeck(api_token='SECRET_API_TOKEN')

The code above should result in a list of projects on the target Rundeck server such as this...

    'description': None,
    'name': 'TestProject',
    'resources': {'providerURL': 'http://localhost:8000/resources.xml'},

From this point on in the documentation, assume the rd variable is an instance of the Rundeck class.

Interacting with Rundeck

An instance of the Rundeck class is where you’ll spend most with RundeckRun. If you want a more raw interface to the Rundeck API, check out the RundeckApi class. In this case, you’ll definitely want to check out the Rundeck API Reference.



Importing and Exporting